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. how dangerous was he? a senior official said the american-born a-hole used wmd's to kill us. and he played a role in a number of attacks including the underwear bomber on christmas day 2009. and they decided it is inspiration like the fort hood shoot scpert time square bomber. some question the use of assassination without due process. the gop candidate condemned the obama administration for killing the creep without a trial. they warned americans, quote, not to casually accept violence against u.s. citizens, even those with strong ties to terrorism. meanwhile, the cia continues to hunt down terrorists in yemen. >> they are doing a great job there. kevin, just returning from the future, i can see. last year you wrote that his american citizenship was a concern as far as killing him. do you still feel that way? >> yes, i think a government that kills its own citizens without trial and due process and without any separation of power and judicial proceeding, legislative authority or anything else is basically a lawless government. i think today marked something like the end of the riew
? >> we can do another redesign. >> see, nobody reads us. >> ladies and gentlemen, this week's occupy wall street cover. >> genius. >> and finally here is a homeless man who is part of occupy san francisco explaining the facts of life to his brethren. >> we are occupying through the night. this is legal. >> yes, it is legal. >> there is a need for privacy. people have been [bleep] on the ground and publicly urinating, but we have a condition and we call it going to the bathroom. >> vit same condition and sometimes i can't control. it you said in the green room you have had it with the protesters, and it is time for the national guard to step in. i was surprised you said that. i -- >> i didn't say that. the mayor had her hat in her hand. and i know you are going to do this later, but i couldn't understand a word that guy said because i am not drunk anymore. i think as usual the police are overreacting. they have 3,000 cops down on wall street here. they have 30,000 on their force and they put their best cops down there. the crime goes up. there are a bunch of weak homeless people and seriou
looy contacted a mexican drug cartel to assassinate the ambassador to the u.s. and also possibly plotted to attack the saudi and israeli embassies in dc. now, the white house plans to use those charges to bolt the ever lobbying crap out of that stupid country. nose really. here is vice president biden reacting to this bizarre scheme. >> it is critically important that we unite the world in the isolation of and dealing with the iranians. that's the most -- that's the surest way to be able to get results. >> he's a gem. and biden says action against iran could go beyond sanctions and added that, quote, we are not going there yet. secretary of state clinton also weighed in. >> this kind of reckless act underminds international norms and the international system. iran must beheld accountable for its actions. >> meanwhile, iran was shocked at the allegations with the speaker of parliament saying, quote, the americans acted unprofessionally in their child dish play. they want to divert attention against their own domestic problems. if americans are capable of hitting us with their fist
with us tonight. ♪ >>> we are here live at 3:00 a.m. just like we were last night. they were doing body shots off my chest and have to be doctored. i can't be two places at once, people. not even for you, philip. let's go to andy levy for a pre game report. what's coming up on tonight's show? >> rock and roll ain't noise pollution, america. occupy oakland gets ugly as police fire teargas into frank ogala. i'm sorry, that should have said frank ogala plaza. you will never guess why the adorable people at peta are suing seaworld unless you have read or heard the story elsewhere. and jersey shore's snookie announced she is marketing her own perfume. and by the way i said jersey shore's snookie so you know which one i was talking about. happy cranky co cocoa workers day. >> this bit is getting old. >> what bit? >> the day you send some sort of message you think is subtle, but it is really not. >> that's crazy, greg. cranky co worker days is an actual day. >> i'm sure it is, just as i'm sure you picked it for a reason. >> you are wrong, greg. i thought it was a funny day. >> yeah, right. >>
looks to capitalize on his recent surge in the polls by joining us for an interview. greg? >> thank you, andy. >> happy do something nice day, greg. >> i did, and you will see it when you get home. >> can you give me a hint? >> i lied. i was hoping by the time you got home it was do something nice day. >> typical v. a great show. >> i shall, my friend. go away. you are disgusting. >> let's welcome our guest. she is so hot her masseuse wears oven mitts. i am here with diane ma say dough. she anchors business news way too early. and his lips are considered a personal flotation device for canoeers and kayakers. ps paul mcc -- it is paul mccurio. and please negotiators try to talk him on to ledges. and if intelligence was a pamphlet he would be passed out on the street. siting next to me is jaime weinstein and its pages are good for all kinds of pages. good to see you, pinch. >>> there are now features on the new iphone 4, but let me show you our new water cool thar responds -- that responds to voice commands. my voice is my passport. >> okay, talking paper. we are no longer speaking to eac
they fear will come to the u.s. does exist at the protest. and shari does president give a damn about women. what happens when something you love turns out to be an abusive creep? in a way the media is like rhianna and occupy wall street is chris brown. she kept thinking he was going to be better, and all he did was abuse her. and he is the next door neighbor seeing everything and doing nothing. it leaves us with one important question posed by the brain knee folks at cnn. >> you have the question about occupy. >> yes, i do have today's question, and it is interesting now. the question is would jesus occupy wall street? it is an interesting question. >> yes, that's exactly what everyone was wondering about. and if you disagree with me, you are a racist homophobe. dana, it is like i haven't seen new a couple hours. glad to see you here. we tried to not make fun of the movement when it was easy. but now can't we say back and say this is not normal. >> i actually don't remember you trying not to make fun of sock pie wall street. this has been going on for two months and now you are my new best
. support for cause has never been more ground swelly. join us now if you like to rebely. feel free to sample. >> that was awful. >> are you awful. capitalist, pig. >>> to the news, he hit the dirt in cert. muammar is no more. he was fired upon by a u.s. predator drone. at which point he escaped from his vehicle and burrowed into a drain and was quickly nownd by libyan -- quickly found by libyan rebels. as for the secretary of state's response of hearing the news -- >> wow. >> wow indeed, mad dom -- madam, secretary. well what is this? we will show you. >> shote camera work. and here is the same d-bag dictator a short time later. the crazy colonel ruled libya for over 40 years, but spent the last two months in hiding after his rein of terror were toppled by his own people along with help from uncle sam and nato. does president obama think this marks the end of a long and painful chapter from the people of libya? >> this marks the end of a long and painful chapter for the people of libya. >> but can we definitively say that the qaddafi regime has come to an end? >> today we canada fi
was there with a sign saying weed and not greed. at that . had they won all of us over? >> absolutely. >> i i disagree with that sign because you need a little greed to get your weed in this depressed market. >> exactly. once you got the weed, the greed doesn't seem so bad until you are left with seed. >> once you've got the weed, are you not necessarily sure you -- why you are there anymore. >> when youy said goldman sachs i wasn't -- i just realized how funny that name is of -- name s. you have golden sacks for the man. the point i wanted to make is the thing i feel slightly guilty about is in the beginning we played off the stereo types because they were real. they made it very, very easy. and then you might see other people that aren't like that. and that's when you see maybe this is organic even though you see the move on .org there. the residents near the protest are getting pissed off. women are topless in front of their toddlers. there are people using the bathrooms and leaving [bleep] everywhere. there is pounding of drums all day and night. if you want to be taken seriously, you have to move
for qaddafi. >> what's black and red and read all over, every morning that carrottop wakes up to the us in times. you really can't afford not to subscribe to me, mr. top. pp.s, i abhor. >> how would you rate that as a prop? >> awesome. >> i can't follow that one. >> backwards is porp. a lot of people don't know that. i'm still on camera. >> should it be taboo to say boo? if you think there isn't a war on hallowe'en, there's time for you to wake up on your there isn't hallowe'en coma. america, a country i live, public schools are giving a thumbs down to dressing up and saying no thanks to pranks. a portland, organ, a principal banned costumes and sends parents a letter for many reasons the celebration of hallowe'en at school can lead to student exclusion. there are social, financial and culture and cultural differences among our families that we must erespect. elsewhere across michigan, another state, they're banning hallowe'en parties and at one school candy corn and candy apples have been replaced about a fall festival focused on health and wellness. for more let's go live to our local
reads, our "new york times" correspondent, good to see you, pinch. >> why is add more common in the u.s.? well, that is indeed a question, by gum. what is this glass table made from in -- made from? is ann coulter going to set me on fire? is that african-american comic interested on being on a "new york times" commercial? where is my arts and lie sure section? anyone have my aderol? >> i think that is a lesson of -- for us all. >> day four of arm gate. the cameramen are out to ruin the mirage. >> should we talk about what happened today? >> we talked about it in the last hour. >> well i will bring it up again. th is an unbelievable thing. since we talked about it, i will bring it up. i went to lunch at a place in the city and celebrating "the five." all of the familiar faces were there. i showed up wearing a pink sweater. a pink sweater is not what you wear when the president of the company is there. i was an idiot. i thought from this time on that lunch would be known as the lunch where i wore an ugly pink sweater. instead it became the lunch where bob beckle almost died. thank god the
who ran last week. >> dana: that is it for us on "the five." thank you for watching. we'll see you >>> welcome to "red eye." i'm greg gutfeld, and we are coming to you live from fox news studios at 3:00 a.m. i repeat, this is a live program. i am currently not in front of the seventh avenue entrance of penn station dressed like a fallen angel and a peer of white satin short shorts. now to andy levy. what is coming up on tonight's show, old sport? >> you have to get your groove on before you get paid, america. a new survey shows 50% of americans think pot should be legalized. plus does watching reality show turn girls into mean girls? and a fat guy beats up shy yaw law buff. >> thank you, andy. >> well come, greg. >> is this where you wish me happy something day. >> yeah, but there were no good ones. >> you mean to tell me there is nothing special about today? >> i guess there isn't. >> you guess there isn't? great. >> okay what is this about? >> what do you mean? >> you are currently upset about this, and i just don't think it is that big of a deal. >> you don't think it is that bi
i've got to get outta here. that's it for us on "the five." thanks for watching. we'll see you tomorrow. bye-bye. >>> welcome to "red eye." as voted by hugable talk show host news. let's go to andyly levey. what is coming up on tonight's show? >> welcome, america to hash tag occupy red eye? what do i want? analysis. when do i want it? not right now. our top story, it is a bad man calling the protests on wall street. and why can't it be both? and the nfl discovers who watches football. and finally, did the women in texas hurt the feelings of rush limbaugh? probably not. honestly, i'm thinking of you right now wearing a tierra, sparkle on. >> i am not thinking of you at all. >> thanks, greg. >>> shy is so hot she gives the sun a brooke goldstein burn. she is the director of the law fare project. obviously two fronts i don't believe exist. i have yet to see you with a child. and as you can guess someone canceled and joe was in town doing nothing. so our last choice as always comedian joe derosa. his new comedy cd came outlast month and it is called the return of the sun and quite
family and from all of us here on "the five," >> greg: welcome back to "red eye." i'm filling in for grigg gutfield. don't ask what happened to greg. that's not important. he'll be back monday. >> andy levy is off once again. don't ask what happened to him. that's not important. >> fig is in "fox news" anchor patti ann brown. what's coming up tonight? >> thanks you, i get to ombuds the ombudsman who ombuds the ombudsman. tonight on "red eye," be a occupy wall street protester expresses her concern "we'll all look sick and crazy on tv." don't worry, lady, no chance of that. air travelers now have to deal with chatdowns in addition to pat-downs. security personnel now grill passengers with questions like, where are you going? how long are you staying in what wine goes best with fish. plus google plus google plus google -- where was i? oh, yeah, a google plus employee wrote a post bragging that he knows more about social networks than anyone else at his company and then he accidentally shared it publicly and then he apologized explaining that he really don't no much about social
getting high. i don't know any of those people. there is a medical use for aids patients and cancer patients. >> yeah, we'll buy that. >> i interviewed a lot of serious people who favor legalizing it, obviously to take away the profit for the drug trade. it seems unit -- it seems counter intuitive. the war on drugs is not working, and that's why these numbers are happening. >> aren't these polls meaning less? we hear about these things, but there is no politician in our lifetime who will do anything about it unless you are ron paul. ron paul 2012. >> he wants to. that's where you have libertarians coming together with liberteens. i think this new found tolerance, i was trying to figure out where did it come from? and it might just be the documentary provide huh business -- the prohibition. and it really puts everything into these old photographs and the wonderful voiceovers, and it made me think a man cannot control another man. new york city, 2011. >> are you so angry for a voiceover. all it was was a little violin. >> what is worse? the outlaw of drugs or listen to pro poten enthu
gutfeld. thank you for coming to us. if you anyone who looks like me approaches you in bryant part at this time asking for a nice place to walk his dog, that is not me. i am not at brant pawk -- bryant park walking an knowledge -- an imaginary dog in genie pants. an disee levey is off. for all of your joe derosa needs, consider derosa unlimited. it is stuff he does in his apartment when he is sad. glad to see you. you are in your knight rider outfit. what is coming up in tonight's show. >> thank you, greg. straight ahead on the eye that is only one of the three primary colors, lazy, we will discuss how to dress sexy and not shute this halloween. snookie fills us in on her new book and neil patrick harris is back. sorry, i was reading the tele prompter from "the view." how did that get in here? here at fox news we will be discussing libya's liberation, football game streakers and katy perry on wall street. >> thanks, joe. anything else? >> yes, greg. i want you to know that if fox news were the food network you would be paula dean. >> how is that? >> well, if you don't know, greg, i
. they are essentially closing down a bridge which is used by hundreds of thousands of people who need to go to work. they are not hurting the rich. they are hurting the cabdrivers and the delivery drivers and somebody else you could name. >> they can take one of any other seven bridges. >> if you were on that bridge you would have felt differently if you were on your way to, say, buying your drugs. >> first, i would be delivering. >> well, what if your delivery man cooperate get to your apart -- couldn't get to your apartment. >> he lives on my floor in my building. >> there are smaller protests going on. is it time to start taking this seriously, or is this just a lark by a bunch of life infested losers? >> i love their argument that they were tricked to go to the bridge. there is one guy on the other side of the bridge with a grilled cheese and a bunch of mushrooms and they all went runng after him to get to the other side. 24pisses me -- this pisses me off. as a guy who was once a hippie and turned into a wall street guy. they quit their jobs and moved to neb nene -- moved from a park in nebrask
and muss stash needs, see diligence, diligence, you see us before you die. hi, mike, what's coming up on tonight's show? >> that was tonight's show. >> thanks, greg. thank you. "red eye" watchers have gathered for the big, big live audience show featuring top named concert acts and mobile food trucks and an old stripper named red soxy. -- roxy. it is an exciting moment, and let's get to the topic. without giving consideration to the conservative candidate, does that mean you are brainwashed? we will ask herman cane, the gop presidential candidate. okay, he is not here. we won't be asking him. we will talk about the subject and engage in the banter that no one actually during the course of the banter will say anything they shouldn't. dog bites man, not news. man bites dog, that has nothing to do with our story. shark bites man, now that is not only news, but it is an ad campaign for peta. and how bad is a donald endorsement if are you running for president? the answer will shock and amaze you. greg? >> thanks, mike. >> happy -- never mind. that's an old tired bit. >> you are an old tir
that makes us gag. it is our "new york times" correspondent. good to see you, pinch. >> camera, oh. what is black and white and read all over, the punch line used to be yours truly, but after viewing this guff i can safely say this pick -- this particular picture owns the market on those three colors and the color brown. >> are we going move ahead now? >> will they stay bold until it gets cold? well that's what bloom is betting. the new york mayor and tortoise-like creature michael bloomberg says the scam ps can camp out indefinitely telling the wall street journal he has no idea how long the protests will last, but adding that, quote, part of it probably has to do with the weather. it lately has been lovely. i have been out there sun bathing. some the downtown protesters are moving uptown because that's where the wealthy are. the occupy yes, sirs protested outside the homes of j.p. morgan chase's ceo, libertarian billionaire david coke and news corp's own rupert murdoch. well, the richie riches are being targeted for, quote, their willingness to hoard wealth at the expense of 99%. oddly
trick-or-treating over the weekend, everybody. thank you for being with us tonight. ♪ >>> i'm tv andy levy filling in for greg gutfeld. turns out some things are so terrific. also for those of you listening to the show on serious xm radio, let's go to the comedian for our pre game report. i guess a lot of people are out of town or something. paul, what is coming up on tonight's show? >> thanks, andy. >> controversy in portland, oregon. the school board votes to allow anti-war protesters to set up alongside military recruiters in public high schools. we will debate the issue and decide what the military says they have done. and a boy in colorado wants to join the girl scouts. a transgender trend or has someone been reading andy levy's diary when he was 10 years old? and finally french manicures soon could be a no no in this man's army. could the relaxing cucumber mask be next? andy? >> thanks and welcome for wearing your suit. >> thank you. >> i am here with attorney and former contestant on "the apprentice." her new book comes out on friday. jaime weinstein. he has a made uptight
>> kimberly: prayers to the family. a great guy. that is it for us tonight on "the five." thank you for being with us. >>> welcome to "red eye" and i'm greg gutfeld. i am right here. and that means the guy peeking into the bedroom window can't be me. let's go to andy. welcome back. how are you feeling, old sport? >> feeling fine. and welcome back to you, america. our top story, happy one-month-old anniversary for occupy wall street. what to get the protest that is not demanding anything. and should it be illegal to lie about receiving military metal 1234*z i hope not. and finally, a massachusetts elementary school principal bans columbus day, halloween and thanksgiving because he says they are insensitive. are outraged parents responding by saying your face sin sensitive? stick around to find out. happy mullah begin -- m lo ligan day jie. i love richard mulligan. >> it is a day for do officers. >> i loved him on "golden girls" jie. it is not about richard mulligan. >> dr. harry wetson, what won't he say? >> let's try this one more time. mulligan day is a day for do overs and not hon
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give us all the runs. nice jacket. his latest comedy tv is called "pro joyce," get it? and he is on a first name basis with sadness. that's a great pose. and he is so bright you can see him with your eyes closed. sitting next to me is the fox news contributor and the national review on-line editor at large. and he is a rotten little phink. good to see you, pinch. >> arts and leisures is reporting on the fact that occupy wall street has yet to find a unifying anthem. if i may be so bold as to offer yet another suggestion? ♪ streaks on the china ♪ never mattered before ♪ who cares ♪ when you drop kick your jacket ♪ ♪ according to our new arrival ♪ ♪ life is more than mere survival ♪ ♪ and we might just live ♪ the good life yet my apologies. that was actually the theme from mr. belvidere. i must have mixed up my notes. he was a rm chaer though. >> he was a class act. is he dead? >> i believe he is still alive. >> he is a class act. >> go brew crew. >>> it may be the greatest presidential campaign ad since william howard taste -- william howard taft in 1908.
, i would like to use my pulpit to call on all scientists to stop whatever research they are doing and focus on a cure for baldness. >> andy? >> yes, greg. >> i don't believe you have a pulpit. >> i don't? >> no. >> that sucks. any idea how we can get one? >> not really. >> if you hear anything. >> i will let you know. why not welcome our guest instead. she is so cute that strawberry short cake owns a carrie keegan one see. she is the host of vh one's big morning buzz live. the second season begins on october 17th. it is hard to concentrate and read the prompter when she is here. if jokes were cheese she would be cheesy. it is ryan reiss. and on halloween hobos go as him. it is my repulsive sidekick, bill schulz. and sitting next to me, fox business network reporter, adam shapiro. law making is wretch. good to see you, pimp. >> take a began der >> good to see you, pinch. >> take a gander. he is the winner of the nobel prize. or as the scandinavian shakes pierce may say. truly his words will live on forever. greg? >> sounds vaguely like -- >> well, there seems to be a hand up there.
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on the planet. he used to walk on my back. >> that's all in the past. >> he was so limber. >> it is over, greg. >> i never should have introduced him to john gibson. >> he would have found him. >> i hope carlos is happy jie. if he is with john, we just hope he is still breathing. >> he could really breathe. >> happy evaluate your life day. >> i believe i just did. go away. let's welcome our guests. they call her saganaki because she is hot and greek. she is the new york daily news columnist and co-host of "the five" weekdays on the fox news channel. i know that believe cha. and he is sharper than a ginzu knife. matt mccall, and every year the flu comes down with him. it is my repulsive sidekick bill schulz. and he is so smart he burps smartees. next to me is a first time guest, dennis boyles, contributor to 8 national review on-line and reportedly the first guy to give o'rourke a writing drive. and we would rather bleed him than read him. good to see you, pinch. >> if you haven't already check out andy new man's report on drug and fly mating secrets made there in science news. hot. the closest
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